Dangerous Pride: A Novel

dp cover 2013Dangerous Pride is the first novel by author Eve Cameron.

A traditional historical romance, Dangerous Pride is steeped in the clan conflict of 18th century Scotland.  It tells the story of two young people who come of age while struggling with their tempestuous history, family responsibilities and heartbreaking deceptions.

Catriona Ogilvy has grown up in the shadow of a domineering older sister who has done much to shame the family name.  As a young girl, Lachlan Forbes is the object of her obsession — a fixation that is fueled by innocence, deception and clan loyalties.

Separated by circumstance for many years, they ultimately find themselves reunited by responsibility. Their burgeoning relationship is tested by loyalty, past resentments and pride.

Dangerous Pride is available in e-book format, for the Kindle e-Reader.  The book is 150,000 words in length.

You can read more about the creation of Dangerous Pride here.  There’s also more information on the author, and details on how to order the book.